Siddhanth Kumar Mandal, 10 jaar, LEVEN

Siddhanth is een leerling van de International School of Belgium en stuurt ons haar tekst in het Engels:

What I have learned about life is that it is never easy. This crisis is just one out of many problems that we will rather get, solve or have already solved. But one thing that I know for sure is that there is always a way to solve every problem that is thrown at us. This crisis has taught me how to have hope in the darkest of times and to cling on to that hope and never let go. These times have taught me to trust in others because if you don’t, then you won’t have people who are there to have your back. 

I was initially scared when the coronavirus had reached the border. Soon, there were more and more cases and I was starting to get frightened. But that feeling had never overcome me. I had that one pulse of hope in me and it told me that everything will be alright. And I followed that pulse of hope’s instruction and I trusted it and the people around me. That is how I am steering through the crisis.

Overall, I understand that we should learn something from the problems that we get and need to look on the bright side and have hope.


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